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Our line of retractable patio awnings and fabric window awnings are designed with the homeowner in mind. That is why we use the Sunbrella | Dickson line of marine weave acrylic fabrics. This way you get guaranteed long lasting bright colors with a high quality water repellant cover. The fabrics are from the Sunbrella/Dickson line of acrylic marine weave fabrics. Although we have many fabric illustrated here, and they are scans of the actual fabric, the colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor's color settings.



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Solid Fabric Color Selection (click on any color for larger view in a new tab)


Sunbrella® Erin Green 4600
Erin Green 4600
Sunbrella® Pacific Blue 4601
Pacific Blue 4601
Sunbrella® Sunflower Yellow 4602
Sunflower Yellow 4602
Sunbrella® Jockey Red 4603
Jockey Red 4603
Sunbrella® Natural 4604
Natural 4604
Sunbrella® Black 4608
Black 4608
Sunbrella® Orange 4609
Orange 4609
Sunbrella® Turquoise 4610
Turquoise 4610
Sunbrella® Aruba 4612
Aruba 4612
Sunbrella® Tan 4614
Tan 4614
Sunbrella® Smoke 4615
Smoke 4615
Sunbrella® Beige 4620
Beige 4620
Sunbrella® True Brown 4621
True Brown 4621
Sunbrella® Terracotta 4622
Terra Cotta 4622
Sunbrella® Aquamarine 4623
Aquamarine 4623
Sunbrella® Sky Blue 4624
Sky Blue 4624
Sunbrella® Navy 4626
Navy 4626
Sunbrella® Toast 4628
Toast 4628
Sunbrella® Cadet Grey 4630
Cadet Grey 4630
Sunbrella® Burgundy 4631
Burgundy 4631
Sunbrella® Ivy 4632
Ivy 4632
Sunbrella® Linen 4633
Linen 4633
Sunbrella® Buttercup 4635
Buttercup 4635
Sunbrella® Forest Green 4637
Forest Green 4637
Sunbrella® Black Cherry 4640
Black Cherry 4640
Sunbrella® Sapphire Blue 4641
Sapphire Blue 4641
Sunbrella® Oyster 4642
Oyster 4642
Sunbrella® Persian Green 4643
Persian Green 4643
Sunbrella® Charcoal Grey 4644
Charcoal Grey 4644
Sunbrella® Seagrass Green 4645
Seagrass Green 4645
Sunbrella® Captain Navy 4646
Captain Navy 4646
Sunbrella® Taupe 4648
Taupe 4648
Sunbrella® Silver 4651
Silver 4651
Sunbrella® Mediterranean Blue 4652
Mediterranean Blue 4652
Sunbrella® Sea 4664
Sea 4664
Sunbrella® Concord 4665
Concord 4665
Sunbrella® Logo Red 4666
Logo Red 4666
Sunbrella® Mahogany 4667
Mahogany 4667
Sunbrella® Aspen 4668
Aspen 4668
Sunbrella® Fern 4671
Fern 4671
Sunbrella® Capri 4675
Capri 4675
Sunbrella® Cocoa 4676
Cocoa 4676
Sunbrella® Heather Beige 4672
Heather Beige 4672
Sunbrella® Spa 4673
Spa 4673
Sunbrella® Wheat 4674
Wheat 4674
Sunbrella® Parchment 4683
Parchment 4683
Sunbrella® Slate 4684
Slate 4684
Sunbrella® Tuscan 4677
Tuscan 4677
Sunbrella® Marine Blue 4678
Marine Blue 4678
Sunbrella® Ocean Blue 4679
Ocean Blue 4679
Sunbrella® Ginkgo 4685
Ginkgo 4685



Sunbrella® Basil 4688
Basil 4688


Striped Fabric Color Selection (click on any color for larger view in a new tab)


Sunbrella® Hemlock Tweed Fancy  4751
Hemlock Tweed Fancy 4751
Sunbrella® Pacific Blue Fancy  4755
Pacific Blue Fancy 4755

Sunbrella® Era Indigo  4763
Era Indigo 4763

Sunbrella® Era Ash  4766
Era Ash 4766

Sunbrella® Preston Stone  4768
Preston Stone 4768

Sunbrella® Bisque Brown  4773
Bisque Brown 4773
Sunbrella® Chocolate Chip Fancy  4776
Chocolate Chip Fancy 4776
Sunbrella® Grey Beige Chip Fancy  4777
Grey Beige Chip Fancy 4777
Sunbrella® Manhattan Classic  4789
Manhattan Classic 4789
Sunbrella® Forest Green Fancy  4790
Forest Green Fancy 4790
Sunbrella® Beige White  4796
Beige White 4796
Sunbrella® Burgundy Black White  4798
Burgundy Black White 4798
Sunbrella® Grey Black White  4799
Grey Black White 4799
Sunbrella® Beaufort Forest Green Natural 6 Bar  4806
Beaufort Forest Green Natural 6 Bar 4806
Sunbrella® Eastland Redwood  4813
Eastland Redwood 4813
Sunbrella® Westfield Mushroom  4817
Westfield Mushroom 4817
Sunbrella® Colonnade Fossil  4855
Colonnade Fossil 4855
Sunbrella® Colonnade Juniper  4856
Colonnade Juniper 4856
Sunbrella® Colonnade Redwood  4857
Colonnade Redwood 4857
Sunbrella® Kiawah Spa  4868
Klawah Spa 4868
Sunbrella® Manhattan Fog  4876
Manhattan Fog 4876
Sunbrella® Rodanthe Sunrise  4878
Rodanthe Sunrise 4878
Sunbrella® Rodanthe Metallic  4879
Rodanthe Metallic 4879
Sunbrella® Saxon Cascade  4884
Saxon Cascade 4884
Sunbrella® Saxon Chili  4885
Saxon Chili 4885
Sunbrella® Clinton Granite  4888
Clinton Granite 4888
Sunbrella® Manhattan Dune  4891
Manhattan Dune 4891
Sunbrella® Motive Dusk  4894
Motive Dusk 4894
Sunbrella® Motive Denim  4895
Motive Denim 4895
Sunbrella® Classic Regimental  4901
Classical Regimental 4901
Sunbrella® Captain Navy Natural Classic  4902
Captain Navy Natural
Classic 4902
Sunbrella® Taupe 5 Bar  4907
Taupe 5 Bar 4907
Sunbrella® Navy Taupe Fancy  4916
Navy Taupe Fancy 4916
Sunbrella® Mediterranean Canvas Block Stripe  4921
Mediterranean Canvas Block Stripe 4921
Sunbrella® Black Forest Fancy  4923
Black Forest Fancy 4923
Sunbrella® Forest Green Beige Natural Fancy 4932
Forest Green Beige Natural Fancy 4932

Sunbrella® Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe  4945
Taupe Tailored Bar
Stripe 4945
Sunbrella® Black Taupe Fancy  4946
Black Taupe Fancy 4946
Sunbrella® Sapphire Vintage Bar Stripe  4948
Sapphire Vintage Bar
Stripe 4948
Sunbrella® Forest Vintage Bar Stripe  4949
Forest Vintage Bar Stripe 4949
Sunbrella® Heather Beige Classic  4954
Heather Beige Classic 4954
Sunbrella® Fern Classic  4955
Fern Classic 4955
Sunbrella® Fern Heather Beige Block Stripe  4959
Fern Heather Beige Block
Stripe 4959
Sunbrella® Putty Regimental  4961
Putty Regimental 4961
Sunbrella® Henna Fern Vintage  4969
Henna Fern Vintage 4969
Sunbrella® Havelock Brick  4985
Havelock Brick 4985
Sunbrella® Cooper Navy  4987
Cooper Navy 4987
Sunbrella® Cooper Black  4988
Cooper Black 4988
Sunbrella® Hatteras Raven  4989
Hatteras Raven 4989
Sunbrella® Manteo Cardinal  4991
Manteo Cardinal 4991
Sunbrella® Baycrest Sky  4992
Baycrest Sky 4992
Sunbrella® Baycrest Pacific  4993
Baycrest Pacific 4993
Sunbrella® Eastridge Cocoa  4994
Eastridge Cocoa 4994
Sunbrella® Ashford Forest  4995
Ashford Forest 4995
Sunbrella® Beaufort Black White 6 Bar  5704
Beaufort Black White
6 Bar 5704


Tweed Fabric Color Selection (click on any color for larger view in a new tab)


Sunbrella® Hemlock Tweed 4605
Hemlock Tweed 4605
Sunbrella® Dubonnet Tweed 4606
Dubonnet Tweed 4606
Sunbrella® Charcoal Tweed 4607
Charcoal Tweed 4607
Sunbrella® Mocha Tweed 4616
Mocha Tweed 4616
Sunbrella® Royal Blue Tweed 4617
Royal Blue Tweed 4617
  Sunbrella® Walnut Brown Tweed 4618
Walnut Brown Tweed 4618
Sunbrella® Mediterranean Blue Tweed 4653
Mediterranean Blue
Tweed 4653
Sunbrella® Linen Tweed 4654
Linen Tweed 4654


Textured Fabric Color Selection (click on any color for larger view in a new tab)


Sunbrella® Tresco Brass  4658
Tresco Brass 4658
Sunbrella® Crest Birch  4660
Crest Birch 4660
Sunbrella® Crest Denim  4661
Crest Denim 4661
Sunbrella® Crest Ash  4662
Crest Ash 4662
Sunbrella® Tresco Linen  4695
Tresco Linen 4695
Sunbrella® Tresco Birch  4696
Tresco Birch 4696
Sunbrella® Tresco Ginger  4697
Tresco Ginger 4697
Sunbrella® Tresco Clay  4698
Tresco Clay 4698
Sunbrella® Mix Redwood  4700
Mix Redwood 4700
Sunbrella® Mix Emerald 4701
Mix Emerald 4701
Sunbrella® Silica Barley  4858
Silica Barley 4858
Sunbrella® Silica Dune  4859
Silica Dune 4859
Sunbrella® Silica Sesame  4860
Silica Sesame 4860
Sunbrella® Silica Stone  4861
Silica Stone 4861
Sunbrella® Silica Silver  4862
Silica Silver 4862



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