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Can I leave my "soft top" screen room up for the winter?
We will always encourage the customer to use the product in the manner in which it was designed. The soft top rooms, both 3 sided and free-standing are designed to go up in the spring and down in the fall (unless otherwise stated!). However... many find ways to take the top off and leave the framing and roof structure in place, securing it against winter winds.
Does the "hard top" screen room stay up all year round?
Yes! The roof panels are an engineered, load bearing part of the screen room. It is considered a permanent installation.
What is a 'local load requirement?"
Whenever you are putting up something that attaches to your home, that is considered permanent by your municipal building department, they will require that it be built to certain specifications. Whatever materials you will be using, they will need to be assembled in keeping with your local building code requirements. As this relates to our product line, we will need to know the "pound per square foot" and "mile per hour" live load requirements as set out by your local building department.
How do I clean my the soft vinyl top for my screen room?
The best solution will be to, twice a year, take the top off and clean it with a soft bristle brush, warm water and a non-abrasive grease cutting soap, like Dawn. Always make sure the top is completely dry before rolling it up for winter storage, to prevent mold and mildew.
How do I clean my clear vinyl | Mylar windows?
The best solution will be to, twice a year, take the top off and clean it with a soft bristle brush, warm water and a non-abrasive grease cutting soap, like Dawn.
Do you install?
No. We do not install. All of our products are based on the manufacturer putting together a 'kit' format of the product you see on our WEB site. The idea is that it can be assembled by the average homeowner. Should that still be intimidating to you after speaking with us, we would suggest that any local handyman or general contractor would find these kits very easy to work with.
Is there somewhere I can see the product?
Since we deal with manufacturers on both sides of the border and ship all over North America, we do not maintain showrooms - not even locally to us. We try to put all the information about the product(s) on the WEB site and we are always available by phone to answer your questions.
Why is it cheaper to pay by cashier's check?
Actually it isn't that it is cheaper. Every single retailer in North America, whether you buy a rubber duck or an arbor, has built in the cost of doing business with credit card companies. Each time you use your card the retailer pays the credit card company between 2.5 & 5% of the sale (depending on which CC, your volume and various fees). Everyone would like to think that the retailer simply absorbs that, however if the retailer is working off an 18% gross profit margin, 3% is a 17% reduction in his gross profit. So pricing is adjusted accordingly. Our offer, if you pay by cashier's check, is to put in your pocket what the credit card company would typically take from us.
How do I pay by cashier's check?
If you wish to take advantage of the additional 5%, simply provide the full name, 'ship to' address, and contact phone number (for the shipping company - they call to set up a delivery time). We will do up an order confirmation with the details of the sale, your order number, our mailing address and the amount due. It will be sent to you be email promptly. You would then print a copy of the order confirmation and send it along with the cashier's check. When administration receives payment, they will notify you that the order has gone to factory. Otherwise, simply call toll free to pay by credit card.
If I pay by PayPal do I get the 5% off?
No. PayPal charges the same type of fees as a credit card company.
Do you offer 'free shipping?'
Whenever anyone says 'free shipping' all they mean is that the pricing that is given includes the shipping cost. So we don't claim free shipping but rather always say that 'delivery is included.' We do this so that you are not surprised by any additional charges or silly fees!

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