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Our porch screening systems help you create a new outdoor living space. We provide you with extruded aluminum frames complete with screening  and hardware that, when put together, create a permanent installation. Otherwise known as screen wall or screened in porch kits, they are custom designed to fit your needs. High quality, durable and maintenance free, the aluminum frames come in a variety of colors.

These well designed do it yourself applications will help protect you from pesky bugs and help you enjoy your outdoor space like never before. Easily convert your screen room into a three season room by adding lip frame windows at any time!

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Hi, Sorry I have not got back to you sooner. I just want to say that we are all very pleased with the porch screening product and the service provided by everyone at Patio Concepts and Screen Houses Unlimited. Although we had some difficulties with damage due to shipping, all items were returned and reshipped in a timely fashion with your help. Thanks again for your patience and your help in working with me to get the screen room that we always wanted.  - -  Brian Darrach (Canada)


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Our Extruded Aluminum Frame & Screening System:


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  1. This is a "materials supplied" screen room system designed to add beauty and functional 3 season living space to your home. To help you close in your existing roof line, you will receive 16' and 20' lengths of material. All material is extruded aluminum, and will be supplied in up to 4 different profiles depending on your application. You will be cutting both the vertical and horizontal profiles from these 16' & 20'lengths, and screwing them together, much like an Erector set! A chop saw with a metal blade is all you need. Our system is supplied with everything 'internal' to the kit including all the screws, mullion clips, spline, screening and weather-stripping required for your application.

  2. U Channels:
    These are installed first. H123 - 1" x 2" U channels are installed on the top and bottom horizontal surfaces (floor & underside of existing structure) and on all vertical surfaces (house wall or existing posts). Sometimes H124 -2" x 2" U channels are installed on the underside of the existing structure depending on the pitch. The H123 U channel has a .050" wall thickness.


  3. Main Frames:
    These are installed next. The 2" x 2" frames are used vertically and their spacing is indicated by red squares in your quotation drawing. If there is no kick-plate in your application, you will also be using the 2" x 2" frames as horizontal "chair rails" between the verticals. The H122 mainframe has a .048" wall thickness and the H120 mainframe (for corners) has a .062" wall thickness.

    The 1" x 2" frames are also used vertically and are indicated by green squares in your quotation drawing. The 1" x 2" frames will be installed in the U channels both on the floor and on the underside of your roof. If you have opted for the kick-plate, they will also cap the top of your kick-plate. The H121 mainframe has a .048" wall thickness.


  4. You will need to make a  choice of no kick-plates or 18" or 24" kick-plates

  5. With 'no' kick-plate, the horizontal 2x2 that is installed between verticals can be placed at any height you wish. We recommend somewhere below the midpoint to create a clear line of sight for when you are seated in the room.

  6. Your wall height is determined by the highest 'floor to ceiling' measurement in your existing structure.

  7. We will suggest a screen panel width of 29" to 60" wide depending on the width of your existing openings. We will also lay this out so that the spacing is aesthetically pleasing all the way around. In other words we will avoid having 29" openings on one wall and 42" openings on an adjacent wall. You will receive a drawing from us indicating both 1x2 & 2x2 mainframe placements

  8. You may choose to have as many 3' x 6'8" out-swinging knock down aluminum doors as you deem necessary.

General Information:

  • The framing is all extruded aluminum with baked on enamel finish.

  • All parts, which you will cut yourself on site, are screwed together. No plastic pieces. The supplied hardware is extruded aluminum for maximum strength and weather-ability.

  • This is a permanent installation where the material MUST be screwed to a deck or patio.

  • All pricing includes regular charcoal fiberglass screening with an 18x16 nominal mesh count and all the spline necessary for installation.

  • This is a very high quality, long lasting screen room that is easily assembled within one to three days depending on the size of your application.

  • Color Choices:  Frame Extrusions - WHITE / CLAY / BRONZE

  • Tools You May here

  • Full one year warranty against manufacturers defects

  • Easily convert your screen room into a three season room by adding lip frame windows at any time!

Not included in your kit: 

  • You are supplied with everything "internal" to your kit. You will need to supply the hardware to attach u-channel to house wall, posts, cement, deck or underside of roof line.

  • Sealant / caulking is not supplied

  • Downspout assemblies are not part of this kit


Screen wall system with aluminum kickplate shown


Aluminum screen wall and the screen / spline shown









H122 - Vertical supports

H120 - Replaces the H122 on a corner

H121 - Horizontal, bottom and mullion

H123 - top and bottom U channels



We carry over 100 different combinations of gazebos in sizes and colors designed to fit most decks and patios. If you don't see it here, call us, we will be pleased to advise and assist. Obtaining and understanding the need for permits (if applicable) is the buyers responsibility.



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