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Patio-MateŽ Easy Set-up
These screened enclosures fit
existing wooden decks or
concrete patios. Your screened enclosure can be installed in an afternoon and will provide
summer after summer of
relaxation and enjoyment.

Set-up takes just two people!
Step-by-step instructions make installation easy and help is
just a phone call away with our customer service line.

Step One
1. Attach stabilizer channel
to patio and house surfaces.
Step Two
2. Unfold accordion-like wall assembly; secure to stabilizer channel.
Step Three
3. Assemble rafters and secure to frame and house.
Step Four
4. Slide vinyl roof into channel, fasten in place and enjoy!
Peak Height Diagram
Peak Height = The Distance from your Deck or
Patio to your Gutters or Overhang